I have a great idea for a game

I have a great idea for a game, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but the video tutorials on the site aren’t working for me, and I can’t find anything else on the internet. Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough or what, I don’t know. I’m sure that sounds like a ■■■■■■ excuse, but it’s true. My question is, is there anything out there that is an easy way-. Okay, not an easier way, but a more understandable way to make an FPS game in Unreal Engine 4? I’m not just talking basics. I’m talking about everything. Blueprints, textures, landscapes, C++. You name it.

I have a very limited, and when I mean limited. I mean I just started a few days ago, but I’m willing to go the full nine yards, because this game idea is very important to me, and I would love for it to become a reality.

Thank You!

This is a great website for FPS: Shooter Tutorial This will give you a good starting point.

As for the rest, there won’t be any tutorial series that has everything you want. You will have to go an search on youtube etc for the specific job you want to achieve.

There is tons of stuff! Here is a search on youtube: Landscape tutorials

In that search here is a 1 hour tutorial video going thorugh loads of stuff.

You also have all the free downloadable projects on the Learn tab of the Epic Games Launcher, go look at Infiltrator, Elemental Demo, Features, Examples, Reflections, Landscapes, Blueprints etc

Hopefully this helps you out!

I love your enthusiasm about this. I recommend only using C++ (Help me out.), Blueprints then to C++. The reason that I want you to move to C++ is because you can loose performance when using Blueprints. Do you have a development team, Because I do not have a full development team.