I have a good game concept in mind, I just need some help and guidance

Alright so, first of all, hello everybody!

I’m new to the UE forums and Unreal Engine as well. I’ve been thinking for a while to really get myself into game creation and make an actual game that people would enjoy to play. Since then I run around trying to learn C++ and some software that I think would help me but I’m still learning. I’m already mastering Photoshop so I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem with creating textures and such.

So here’s my idea:

  • Temporary name: Anubia (Sandbox game in which u do anything u want)
  • Underwater world filled with huge array of fish, marine life and sea dangers (predators and such)
  • Unlike every other game that’s out there, in Anubia you are the fish and basically your main objective is to Survive, Evolve and Have fun
  • Survive either by gathering food, collecting it from the different areas or just steal it from other fish if u can
  • Do little quests/objectives to get XP and get/increase skills (Invisibility, better dark vision, strength, speed, poison etc)
  • Slowly evolve by acquiring new fish species (example: Puffer fish - better in combat)
  • Complete the main quests which are part of the Anubia story
  • Get deeper! Ohh, lots of mystery
  • A lot more I didn’t say but this is basically what my gameplay concept looks like. There are also some big holes in my idea but I’ll see about that :slight_smile:

I had this idea for quite a while now and one day a game named Abzu came and I said Oh…! My game concept is partly useless now.
This is Abzu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxvTzkeMGY0
I really want to incorporate similar type of graphics and textures into my game but I’m afraid of the copyright idea thingy, maybe they will say I copied them or something and I don’t wanna get in trouble haha. Should I think of something else?..

So in the end I wanna ask you guys because I believe my idea has potential and I really want to make it happen:
Q1: How can I actually accomplish this big project. I’m thinking of using blueprints more since I’m not that good in C++.
Q2: Would you play my game? What interests you the most?

Thank you very much :smiley:

I think the idea is fine and it’s different enough from that other game that I don’t think that’s a concern. It sounds more similar to Spore to me
The main concern is your lack of experience, doing something like that won’t be easy if you’re just starting out.

You really only need to worry about them claiming that you copied them if their idea is unique enough that any time people see a game with fish, they automatically think “Abzu!”, kind of like how anytime you see a tissue you think Kleenex. Just “copying” the water and fish aspect wouldn’t be a big deal, and isn’t something to worry about. I’d love to type more, but I’ve got to go, good luck!

@Darthviper107 Well yeah that’s the only big step I have to conquer right now!

@Jamendxman3 Oh thank you, I’m really careful when it comes to copyright things in big projects. Come back and type more maybe haha? I’d love to hear everything you have to say ^u^

Alright I am back. So as I was saying, your idea for a game doesn’t sound like something that would necessarily be “copying” another game, as I’m sure players would be able to easily look at your game once complete and tell that it is unique, something you could read up on to help clarify your concern is Trade Dress, which is probably exactly the thing you are worrying about violating: What is Trade Dress Infringement? (with picture)

As for the rest of what you mentioned in your post, full games can be made using blueprints, but I’d worry a little bit about performance when dealing with things on a larger scale compared to C++, an example being large schools of dynamic fish.

A bit of advice though, don’t jump into the creation of your project until you are comfortable with blueprints and programming in general, otherwise you’ll soon realize that you have to go back and re-code something because you did it the wrong way, or maybe it’s not as efficient as you’d like. I have made the mistake of not knowing what I am doing and starting a large project, and it can get pretty frustrating, and perhaps even cause you to give up on your project, which happens all too often in the game development industry.