I have a dream

If anyone is interested in helping me learn the engine, I have a dream. If you have played Dino Crisis, you may remember the awesome terror of trying to not die from dinosaurs. I would like to bring that kind of suspense back to the lime light. Making a mod that is more survival, less crafting. Would be something similar to a few scrapped old Jurassic Park games. Genetics testing being done on an island. Something happens. Team gets sent in. Complications. Last man standing attempts to complete the mission. I would like to try to make it as realistic as possible. One life, one player. (Possibly willing to make it 4-6 players if need be. Would mainly need artists to make a few custom assets. Mainly in the form of buildings and a few firearms. Although, I am willing to take any help available. This will be done casually, as I work 50+ hours a week. If interested feel free to let me know. Have a pretty good idea of where the “story” will work and go.