I have a crazy idea

I’ve been thinking about advertising concept sketches in the ‘Looking for Work’ section.

I’ve noticed concept sketches range from around $10 to $140+ per piece.

To promote my work, I thought about starting the first sketch at £1. Further sketches will go up in price at £1 increments.

If you wanted 4 sketches done, it would cost £10. £1, £2, £3 and £4.

The next sketch done for someone would cost £5 etc.

If I got no work for one week, I could drop the price by £1 etc.

I’m curious as to what my work would eventually be valued at here. If there’s no requests for further work, I’ll just work on my own stuff.

What are your thoughts? :smiley:

If you are skilled then that’s not valuing your skills, think about an hourly rate and how much you would charge per hour.

I agree with DarthViper. If you are good, charge appropriately, like 50 an hour at least. If you still need to gain experience then offer sketches for free or join one of the royalty teams looking for a concept artist.

Low introductory rates are a good way of generating interest / business.
In my view its just a taster to establish yourself, its not undervaluing.
To charge 50 you need an advance portfolio of work ready to go too.
Plus, Artists have different styles that won’t suit every person / project.
A taster is just a way to test the market on both sides without red faces.

Normally it’s not an issue, but if you’re looking for paid work here then you won’t get what you should be