I have a component selected in my level, but when I go to add an event for that specific component it says it is not seleceted. What do I do?

I am in a blueprint and want to add an event to a specific component I have selected in my level. When I right click to add that event, it tells me to select a component, but when I look back at my level it is in fact selected. I have made sure that context sensibility is selected, but it still won’t let me add a specific event. I have tried everything. I am doing this for a school project and this problem is preventing me from progressing, and it is due soon. I would appreciate any help offered!

Is this in your Level Blueprint or an Actor Blueprint?

It is an actor blueprint

Yes it does! I guess I can just move that script over to the level blueprint. I’ve been watching a video to help me do the scripting and I forgot that the person doing it was using a level blueprint. Thanks for the help!

Does it work if you try to get the component reference in a level blueprint?

Cool. I have changed my comment to an answer so you can mark it as the correct answer

Awesome. Thanks again!