I have a budget of $500 dollars want to build a dev rig for UE4

basically i want it to be able to handle the kite demo or close to it im wanting to get AMD RYZEN as well any help?
and would this work for now it will be upgraded when i get money for parts

If you want to run the Kite demo well, you’ll need to spend closer to $1000.

$500 would get you something like a GTX 1050ti ($130) and a i3 ($120) processor.

Even though the Kite demo may be 2 years old, you’ll need a $375 GTX 1070 to perform as well as the Titan X.

Best bet would be to buy a used Dell Optiplex with an i7 for about $200 (Ebay or Craiglist), spend $300 upgrading the PSU (most in cheap dells don’t have GPU power cables), GPU (Maybe could get a GTX 1060/580), and ram (to at least 16GB). But would would need to check, double check, and triple check everything would be compatible and fit. These will be used office computers, but they do often have PCI-E slots for a GPU.

IIRC, the Kite demo requires 24GB of memory to open fully.

When we are already talking about the kite demo, how long does it take to start playing? I opened it and it all loaded in but when I hit play it just sits there.
Edit: I got it working, it just takes an hour when you first open it.

Even $1000 would be tight to get the Kite demo running well.

Low-end gaming PC / general use PC maybe. Not even close to a development machine. Unless you wait out every part for the lowest it can get to, it would be a painful build. Your best bet is keep saving.

The first time you run it, it’ll be compiling all the shaders etc - which takes a good long time. Shouldn’t be so bad once you’ve done that once.