I have 50 messages out of 50 messages stored. Please help! :)

Seriously, are we THAT tight on disk space that I can’t have more than 50 text messages stored? Can someone please up the number to something less silly? Ta.

I thought they upped that to 100 recently.

I believe they said they did, mine show 50 still as well though. You can save the messages to text if you’re worried about saving them. Scroll all the way down on your inbox page, and choose your preferred format.

If I had to venture a guess, they upped the limit in the dashboard, but either forgot to clear out the cache, or they did it for the wrong permission level.

Yep, here is the post. Hopefully they see this new thread and realize it’s still 50.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for pointing this out, it should be 100 now. I’ll pass this information along to Alex so we can get it straightened out.

Hey guys, thanks for letting me know this didn’t get locked-in. I double-checked and sure enough it was reverted back to 50 somehow. I’ve changed it to 100, then went back around to check it again and it seems to have taken this time. Let us know if it is still an issue for you!

Hey Alexander, mine is still showing x/50 allowed.


Stop being so popular and it’ll go down to 0. :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem solved ! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

Please check your sent messages as well. The 100 message limit includes both incoming and outgoing messages (you can see this at the bottom under folder controls).

It’s showing as 100 for me now, thanks for the fix. =)