I hate programming.

Creating a small project to help with larger projects, so… with VS2013, I created a new MDF file, no issues. Open up SSMS, attached the database… no issues. I even start creating the tables, primary keys, foreign keys, the database diagram, still… no issues. I save everything and create a backup, and then… it happens. Cannot detach database, its in use. Close SSMS, restart the server, open it back up, recovery in process O.o, so I stop/restart the server, nada, disconnect and reconnect to the DB, hey, that fixed it. I close it out (w/o detaching first), open up VS2013, and now, I cannot open the MDF file… login failed O.o… wth.

I go into SSMS, detach the DB, and still failing login with VS2013. After an hour, I copy the DB to another folder, and it allows me to connect to the file in VS2013, wtf? /sigh… first world problems.

Don’t remind me man, sometimes I wish I was a farmer.

“Sometimes I wish I was a farmer.”

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I feel like this is the mantra of any games programmer.

Me in any programming thread, including this one.


I was waiting for a chance to use this :smiley: Farming simulator to the rescue!

We all have days like this.
But then, every once in a while, you start coding, and you get into that trance-like state where your fingers are typing things that your brain is only partially aware of, and then you blink. And suddenly you’re faced with a page and a half of code that you don’t remember typing, but you just intuitively know what it does. And you hit F5 thinking “no way this works”, and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Those moments are like crack.

Unfortunately, working in a cubicle farm, those moments are exceedingly rare to come by. :frowning:

Programmings fun! I didn’t know anything about C++ around last April, just decided I was fed up being scared of it and started learning.

Step forward one year, I’m physics programming, network/multiplayer, some rendering in some cases. Digging into the Audio side of the Engine atm. Good fun :D!

It’s infinitely worth sticking with it, I promise!

I can’t figure that stuff out. I have tried many times to learn programming but have failed each time :frowning: This is my knowledge of programming so far.

PRINT “Hello World!”

And that’s BASIC! Can’t imagine learning C++. Thank God for other people who can do it for you! :slight_smile:

This April I am in the same situation. I pray that I get the same progress as you did.

It is great to get inspiration from people around you like that :slight_smile:

Я буду работать тяжелее товарищ!

For anybody wondering, this is the website I started with when learning C++. I had ShooterGame open on one screen, and this in the other.

After a while, the only way to learn is experiment. Follow the UE4 C++ tutorials and post in the C++ forum, people will be happy to help :slight_smile:

Then you watch it for second time and think “how the hell does it work, and how do I do it again ?”

I hate it when code doesn’t work and you don’t know why…
I FEAR when code WORKS and you don’t know why.

Da Da. Nozdrovya. Somalyot. Davay (This is all the Russian I know, **** what should I do ? :smiley: )

I meant no harm ! I am friend ! Let’s be friends (Gives cookies as offering)

No it’s okay! I’m not Russian either! I’m American! Actually that was my first test run of what I have learned. Also if you want to learn… just start learning Russian!
Also that sentence means, ‘I will work harder comrade!’.
And on another note. “Yes Yes. Nostril. Plane. come on” Did I get that right?

Beautician and the Beast [1997] :stuck_out_tongue:

That actually is the truth. Hard work today=happiness tomorrow. Especially true with UE4.

Oh my God. What did I say ? :smiley:

So the classic language joke of " You just said there is a cat in your pants" is true and possible then ? :smiley:

Well I would like to learn Russian or any other language, but currently I am learning Japanese. But if you would like to practice I would like to ! :smiley: (Like they say, a chance is a chance :smiley: )

Yes that joke can happen more than you think. Also don’t go randomly smiling at Russian people. This Russian guy told me it means that your laughing at them or hitting on them! So that joke can happen even without words!
Well I wish you well in your Japanese studies. :slight_smile: I wanted to learn Chinese at one point but I have problems with their word system. (ALL THOSE WEIRD SYMBOLS!) So I chose Russian!
Well have a хороший день! :slight_smile: Also I’ve just really been starting to learn… So I really know very little. But I am still learning with the will to continue!