I Hate My Job: An Upcoming iOS and Android Game made in UE4

I Hate My Job

I Hate my Job is an action/shooting gallery type game where you throw things at customers in single or online multiplayer.

About the Game

In I Hate My Job you play as Glenn, a cashier at SaveLess, who finally decides to listen to that little voice in his head that tells him to find a more fulfilling way to serve the customer.

The game uses an easy to learn tilt mechanic for aiming and will task the player with verious objectives from racking up high scores to other more complex goals. Multiplayer will be a heavy focus for the game and is one of the aspects we’re most proud of.

Developed in Unreal Engine 4, this is one of the first mobile games developed in this engine.

The game will be free on iPhone and Android, and though there will be the option of purchasing in game currency for bonuses, different character models, power ups, etc. they can all be earned just by playing the game. No spending necessary.

Look forward to the open Beta we will be having hopefully by the end of the first full week in January! I’ll be sure to post how to get it here so check back. Your feedback would be incredibly helpful for making this game the best it can possibly be. If you aren’t interested in the Beta, please look us up when we release the full game at the end of February.


You really should add some lights and shadows :slight_smile:

I think you should just keep it like this deliberately, it looks bleak, washed off and lifeless. How else would you suggest you hate your job as much? :smiley: