I had to reinstall windows, How do i get Epic launcher to see my games library?

Hello, I had to reinstall windows, but because all my steam/epic stuff is on another hard drive its all still fine.
For some reason when i opened up my epic launcher from the location on the second drive it wouldn’t see that any games are installed. So i reinstalled the launcher to the same location, and still nothing. I’m sure i’m just missing the option, but i cant find where to link my existing library with the new launcher install. if someone could help me out id really appreciate it. seems really silly to install the games again when they are right there. the steam and blizz launcher was a simple 2 seconds to get back up and running.


I guess you will not get a good answer here on answerhub because most of the people are developers with unrealEngine and the launcher is not open source, so besides epic nobody can tell you details and it can take a while until a Staff is picking up your question. I’m pretty sure the Epic Store has some better support mail/faq/url/… than this one.
As far as I know the configuration and the installation states from the launcher are saved under: C:\ProgramData\Epic\EpicGamesLauncher
So If you have that folder in some backup you could fix it. If there is any kind of “Scan my hdd for installed games” - I can’t tell you. Good luck - if you find an answer, it would be nice to update this thread if somebody else is looking for a similar problem.

I personally Install apps via launcher to a location and pause copy games/apps in to download folder (there is a temp folder u should not copy in that temp play around with it and u will find out) and resume download .