I had to do a system restore on my windows 10 laptop and now my desktop icon won't launch Unreal. I only see the loading circle for a few seconds then nothing. Task manager does not show Unreal running and running as administrator yields the same results

Is it just the launcher that’s not working? Try and launch UE4 directly from the UE4Editor.exe, my path is C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.9\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe yours should be the same unless you changed it. If that doesn’t work then redownload and reinstall, there’s a newer version out so it’s worth it.

If the exe works then try and reinstall the launcher.

Hey thanks for the quick help. You were absolutely right, the exe works. I was having trouble finding that so I really appreciate you including the path. We’re good to go, thanks again!

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Your welcome.