I had crash reporter

pls help me!

Well from a glance I see Assert Failed- (and stuff)
Now If an assert Fails (similar to an ‘if’ failing) it will softly crash your program. not Softly (as in no blue screen)
Now imagine your using c++ in your project-

  1. My main fix Idea - would be to check all of your constructors for things that might not belong (in visual Studio/IDE)
  2. Next check all major methods in your more recently updated .h(s) and .cpp(s)
  3. then if all is done with c++ things clean, rebuild the project only (to maybe find engine errors)
  4. if you can get back to the editor at some point - I would see about any BPs that might have given you bad values (those could set off an assert failure)
  5. if all fails - update the project version to the purview

I also see draw/rendering errors- if you where drawing something/spawning/or the like, and it shouldn’t have done something (whether it had a parent/child relation with something) it will fail in some regard (to what regard, not sure)