I had an island with Piblishing rejected on Content Analysis. Did anyone have issues like this for publishing islands ?

I`ve read all documents and my island it is using only UEFN Native content and Original Content Owned by me, such as props and original ilustrations and characters, could my own content have raised this flag and rejection ? There isnt any aditional information on the rejection, that is frustrating because we are a team and there is a lot of effort evolved on this island for a short answer status like this: “Rejected - Read the Rules”

I am guessing that maybe they saw the ilustrations and they couldn`t know they are really mine and rejected, but anyway, we should have a better answer directing us to solution.

Have anyone experienced this kind of issue? Was it easy to solve?

@willemmerich Hello! This is something that our Player Support team can investigate for you to give more information: Epic Games Technical Support & Customer Service | Epic Games