I got this idea to reduce the size of the build

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I think if the files are not being used not buid are sent at the end this will help a lot.

Example: when inadvertently added the “Starter Content” this has a agran weight and more when we are just using a single material of these.

Make sure only the maps you want to use are in the project doing the build.

Ehm, UE4 builds only content you’ve used somewhere, except maps I believe.

Does it build all maps within a project’s Content folde? If so, it would be great if we could create custom ‘exclude map’ lists so we can manually keep specific maps out of our builds.

Hi slam_,

Thank you for your request, we will take this into consideration.

Hi slam,

A feature request for this has been added for the engineers to take a look at for future consideration. For your reference the ticket is UE-8292.

You can do it now with an [AllMaps] section (with “+Map=MapName” type lines), but in 4.8, there is a section in the Packaging settings to choose what maps you want to cook/package when you do File | Package.

Its there now in the 4.8 options to manage the paks ? and divide the paks (DLCs & patchs) ?

Hi Hevedy,

Do you mind clarifying a bit on what you’re asking about? Are you meaning functionality on what can be done with .pak files for mobile?

No, packages for divide the game in paks of 1G for example Package_00.pak, _01.pak … for deskop games (Windows, Linux, Mac) and with support to make updates for example the base game have 4 pak files 00,01,02,03 and with an update you can add the file _04 and the game auto read that file like the 1999 games id tech etc.