I got 2 questions, First: How can I take or look for this little square that connect two different variables, ( Two different colors). And How can I make that an actor connects to a target in boolean so i can connect it to a branch?




Not sure if i fully understand what you’re asking but from what i gather from the info you want to for the first picture drag off the boolean and type “to string” then you have the option to convert to string.

The second one is really up to the actor, drag off the actor blue dot and do “get INSERTBOOLNAMEHERE”. The insertboolhere is the name of the boolean you’re trying to do a branch from.

Okay I Did the First One, Thanks … But I Don’t Know By The Boolean Doesn’t Want to work!! I did what you told me, and I don’t understand why.

(This is what appears, and if you look at the left of the picture you will see the boolean but i cant connect it) I need help DX

What is the foreachloop looping off? The by key looks to be in the same blueprint as the foreachloop node, does the array element actor have a boolean called “by key”?

Get all actors of class what? Itself? A character? A random actor?

I Really Don’t Know!, I need Help Here, Cause I was Just Following a tutorial, and All of it was great until now … The ForEachLoop It’s Connected to "Get all actors of class

I think what is being requested here is that you take another screenshot showing the entire “ForEachLoop” node.