I give up! too less tutorials?

There are very less tutorials for UE4 compared to unity. Even the packaging optimizing has a lack of tutorials. The documentation is not good at all and too generalized. And there is a lack of hints regarding to file size optimization…

Are there more tutorials coming in the future?

They are updating their tutorials constantly + there are tons of community tutorials around :slight_smile: When you are stuck with something, dont hesitate to post a question into the forum! The community is always here to help with problems/questions :wink:

and on other sides you can find much more :slight_smile:

Also keep in mind that the unreal engine 4 is just around 6 months old. For example when you take a look at UDK, you will see that you can find much more tutorials about it on youtube → a little hint: Also take a look at the UDK tutorials, because especially materials, meshes, level design,… works the same in the UE4