I get the Game launcher with Studio. Where is the enterprise launcher?

Again, perhaps its due to the move from the Enterprise beta forum to here, but I could have sworn that I was corrected at one point that I downloaded the Epic Game Launcher by mistake, and that there actually was an Enterprise Launcher which didn’t make your boss think that you were gaming at work, but I can’t find it right now:


On a tangent regarding this, we are probably going to move away from SteamVR and onto WindowsMR, just to not have to have Steam installed on work computers. When you are introducing VR to customers and games pop up, it doesn’t leave a very serious first impression.

The Epic Games Launcher is the same software used by both enterprise and games developers (as well as game-players); however, if you open the Launcher’s options (the gear icon in the upper right) you can enable the option for Hide Game Tabs. This will leave only the Unreal Engine tab visible.

(note: when you download the Launcher via the Unreal Studio webpage, this option is enabled by default)