I found a typo in the tooltips for UE4

Hey ,

Thanks for noticing this typo within the Engine. Could you please tell us exactly where this feature is so that we can report it to our Developers?


It’s supposed to say “horizon” not horitzon
just thought id let you guys know

I had selected the Sky Sphere and under override settings>horizon falloff on the right hand side when editing it. here is a better screenshot so you can find it.

(I was editing the third person starter project thing by the way (if you cant tell I’m really new to the engine))
Let me know if you still need more info

Hey ,

Thanks for providing detailed information on where to find this typo. I have verified that this is showing up within the editor and have submitted a report for said issue. If you’d like to check on the progress of this bug at any time, please reference UE-19541.

Thank you and have a nice day!