I F..... up plz. help.

Ok i had a lot of fans open in the editor and playing around with some new models from 3d max i was importing.
And by accident i import a skeleton mesh and deleted the original from the game… :frowning: Now non of the torches work in the game.

The asset files that is not working now is the torch_FPV and torch_TPV.

How do i fix this ?

Not sure if it helps but here are the files from my devkit:
Otherwise you could verify the devkit through the epic launcher to get the files back i suppose.

Cool will try it out right away.
When i open one of the files in the editor it says “No skeletal mesh found for skeleton “torch_TPV_Skeleton””

You saved my life here it worked :smiley: Thx a lot.
Was trying to add a custom mesh to the torch. but it deleted all the old animations i think :S So think i will just change the texture :S

did you manage to change the mesh on the torch?