I dont use BP often is there a better way

I have a search body mechanic in my game and i have a string array of the items you can find when searching their body’s and as you can see it calculates a random number and i do a check for every number to compare it to the item if i had 100 items this would become very messy is there a different way of doing it so if the random number is 1 it will find what ever that item name is and +1 to it. if you dont know what i mean i will try reword it 4c23b9e510921e5bf7f3c157770774a2ac91f6d2.png

This should help you:


Rightclick the Select node and choose AddOptionPin until you have enough.

In addition you want to run more logic in a few cases. This is a perfect situation for a SwitchOnInt node. You won’t need all of your branches that way.

Thanks this has made it a lot simpler and easier to read :slight_smile: