I don't understand how spawning works

I was under the impression that pawns/characters determined spawn locations, yet when I click the play button I just spawn wherever the camera happens to be in the viewport at that time and not where the actual spawn/character was placed. I did add a camera to the pawns/characters but this did not help. Am I doing something wrong? How do I make the player spawn at a specific place when the level starts?

I also had another similar problem where I wanted to create a overworld map of sorts where the pawn/player was just a static camera staring at a certain portion of the map while using the mouse to choose between menus but I ran into the same problem in that the player just spawns wherever the viewport is looking.

From what I understand you can either place your character in the world, and it gets possessed when game starts or you can use Player Start. You can also select your character in the level r-click and create a Player Start, which is basically the same thing.


You could also create positioning logic in another actor to spawn you anywhere in a zone or at one of a collection of points. The Player Start just makes it easy.

The GameMode has several functions that can be overriden. Some of them determine the Spawning Position.
In the Upper top bar under “Play” is an option to use the current Camera Position as the Spawning Point. You can switch it back to use the default spawning