I don't understand Anything.


we have to go back to?…n-active-forum

Hey, not cool!

I was humble, honest and polite, why the need to publicly shame me?

I can assure you, I’m not a 15 year old US child : D

If something was not understandable, I am still willing to have a normal and productive conversation.

The problem arises that I need information about a native server in PHP.

I understand the need to help and it is appreciated. But the problem is, who is going to be better prepared to answer these types of questions? Then, it is preferable that a C ++ programmer from the UE4 house answers, why? Because they know its design and its limitations. It is understood that they are the ones who at least can say “hey, this is a bad idea”.

If the vast majority of messages are to try to help by saying “I’m a newbie” and I’ve done this, it doesn’t help the problem. Thanks anyway, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

I need some pretty sensitive information.

It may seem like a simple question, but in this simple question, it is arguing about a “native server” and how UE4 could interact, both in speed, resources, overhead, stackoverflow, stack errors and many others.

It is better to have your own Unreal Engine C ++ employee answer according to your experience on the problem of having a native server. I know “Replication”, but to what extent can a native server be done regardless of language?

**vegetablejuiceftw **Thanks anyway and excuse my rudeness on this forum.

Thanks for this well written reply,

I understand now that you want a deffinite answer from a UE team, not a community answer in a community forum.

I won’t clutter your thread further then :slight_smile:

nevertheless, if it is just about credentials / expertise, i can flex : D

I have a masters degree in CS, 4 years webdev experience (django, react, docker, ansible, aws) and compete in the local Robotex and am one of the hosts of the local “Python codeclub”.
(if I were 15 years old, I would be a genius :P, sadly i am old…)

As I felt your problem was actually not releated to UE, so I felt I could chip in with my non-UE related knowledge :slight_smile:

Take care,
no hard feelings.

Thank you for understanding and apologize again for my behavior. No hard feelings have a nice day.