I dont see UE_LOG verbose logs help pls

for instance: i dont see log UE_LOG(LogCharacterMovement, Verbose, TEXT(“Proxy %s received net update”), *CharacterOwner->GetName());

console: Log LogCharacterMovement = Log (i.e On), but nothing logging.

How to turn on ALL logs in ENTIRE engine with ANY verbosity once and for all?

For now i have following LOL solution: i overrided virtual engine function with copy-paste and replaced UE_LOGs with GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage, and that works, now i can see logs at least… I understand that logs that i need are trigger every frame, but i need to see that logs in cirtain situations for short period of time. Actually i dont even need to write that logs to file, i just need to see it in Output Log window or smth.

Ok, i found solution:

  1. open editor console
  2. log logcharactermovement verbose