I don't know what is wrong(sockets in the first person template not working)

Hello, I can’t manage to implement a sockets system, i’m just trying to make a socket at my player’s right hand and after that attach my weapon to it(wich is a skeletal mesh of the rifle from the first person demo), but when i use attach to component or even attach to…, of course using snap to(tried both of them), it just doesn’t work and my gun starts floating in front of my player, and it doesn’t even follow my hand’s rotation, and instead the player’s rotation.

Please be specific while answering, because it has been just a couple of days since i’ve came from unity so I don’t know some of the things about the engine.

I attached some pics about the problem.


If you run into this problem it’s because you’re trying to get the wrong mesh, the standard one, you just need to drag off the right mesh from the tab on the left.