I don't know how Make Custom Animations and Making two Models into One

G’Day M8’s
Right now im working on a little prototype for a character taking a mobile phone that is attached to his hip and holding it at chest level and looking at it. I have the character (I’m using the tutorial mannequin) and I also have the phone.
What im trying to do is make to phone model attached to the guy’s right hip. Second that im trying to do is create and animation for him taking the phone off his hip and looking at it.
Thanks for the help :slight_smile:
Edit: I do not have Maya or any big animating software and I hate Blender.

This will help you attaching the phone to the mand and to hips.
at first, you attach to hips.
When the animation take phone is in the right place , you attach the phone to the hand.
The animation should end with the phone in position on the chest.
Start the animation talk to phone.
when the animation talk is over, start the animation put away phone.
When the animation is in the right time, attach back the phone to the hip.

Here is one of the dozen of post about attaching something to something