I don't have the "Event receive draw hud" blueprint event :(

Hey! I’m trying to do some dynamic drawing on my hud, by drawing some primitives!

I’m using UMG and created a basic hud that I got to display a health variable on the screen, but I want to be able to drag-and-drop a box in the game so I need to draw the hud dynamically.

I tried doing this on the tick event but had no success getting it to display on screen, and doing further research it seems I need to do it from the “event recieve draw hud” event, but I don’t have that available. I tried context sensitive on and off, and in multiple classes (including my gui widget blueprint and MyPlayer) as well as the level blueprint.

Does anyone know why I can’t access this event? Thanks!

It’s only accessible in a child class of hud.

Umg is not one though it’s probably better to use a hud class and add widgets (aka umg) from there.

Thanks! I got the event, I can’t seem to get my draw actions to do anything but too early to ask for help on that!