I don't have "Cast to Game Info Instance" in the Blueprints.

Hey Guys,

I am doing this Tutorial and I am in the “Event Graph” connecting blueprint nodes together and the Tutorial says to look for “Cast to Gameinfo Instance”…

It’s not showing up?

I have Unreal (The Latest Version)…

Did they do away with it?

What should I use in it’s place??


You’ll need to create a GameInstance class inside the project settings and assign it as default, maps and modules tab at the bottom I believe (dont have ue4 open)

Just curious, you do have Get GameInstance node first?

Hello , Ok, I am on this part of the Tutorial right here, here is the exact thing I am talking about.
It’s where he starts adding BluePrint for the Main Menu. When I right click on the “Graph” and start typing “Cast to game infoinstance”…nothing shows up???

Here is the URL Link. https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/PLZlv_N0_O1gYqSlbGQVKsRg6fpxWndZqZ/fTadMplBzqA/index.html

I think I am following him perfectly, there might be something I missed?

Perhaps you did, did you create the GameInfoInstance that he uses in Lesson 3? Its created at 4:35 in Lesson 2.

AH, you know what, I might have missed that. I am going to go to lesson 2 and look at 4:35 and see if I did…I hope I did :slight_smile:

Thanks Allot Anadin and for your replying to my question.