I dont even know how to import a character + how i create a good character

Hello to everyone, im not an animation maker or a programer, i dont have the talents for work in this places but i have a lot of time, i started to do something with UE4 but i have a lot of problems, i spend a lot of time on google and the documentations, now i need to ask you where is the problem. Probably the problem is how i start everything, so this is my problem now: when i import models from Sketchup i lose a lot of poly and materials, i dont know why, i export from skp to obj, in blender i export from obj to fbx and then i import it on the model and when i drag it in the map it look like broken, anyone can help me? and how i can make it as a caracter with animation like pickup and run (tps). Thanks to everyone i hope i can solve the problem :slight_smile: have fun