I do need some help

Heya! So, my name is , as you can see. I’m trying to work on some FNAF Fan Games. Yes, I like FNAF, so don’t judge me too hard. I actually have one of the models for the game, but uh, one small problem. It’s all separated into different parts, like, taken apart. It was rigged and everything. If anyone of you can help me, thank you. Aside that, I do need some more 3D modelers. Like, room modelers as well. And maybe another coder to give me a hand. I do have a Gamejolt for the team. So, if any one of you can give me a hand, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Well, I dont know what i could do but I am also working on a FNaF fan game too. I am reading books and watching tutorials. I want to see a screenshot of the problem.

  • Weatherdude