I didn't like my experience with Unity.

I hadn’t messed with any editors since I used to play around with A6/A7. I thought Unity looked good enough considering how easy it seemed to be to access and get assets or support for. There were plugins to make it look better, I spend money on the store and started making stuff. It was nothing short of a hellish experience, every step of the way. It was like it would fight back against anything I did.

First off, I told it where to install itself and where to install assets, as well as temporary files. I got confused when space started turning M.I.A. on my OS drive, GB after GB. So far I’ve found about 40 Gigs it put on my OS drive, which once again I told it to stay away from. Then the asset troubles, oh my word the asset troubles. I’ve spent about 3 days just trying to install a crucial asset to me. Don’t get me wrong, every one of them was hard including their proprietary post effects and whatnot, but this one in particular was nerve wracking literally. It downloads in the editor and would freeze my computer every time during the downloads. So I started leaving it alone and just going to the other room to watch a movie while it downloaded, or whatever I chose to do. First couple times I came back to a brick, then it started finishing the download. It would then start uncompressing everything and say it all worked correctly, but there would be zero asset folders or anything by the name on my computer, everything missing. So that messed up everything actually because it thought it had it when it didn’t. So I redownload it, which takes three tries, then it actually pops up an import window. I’m like holy hell I was pissed for nothing and go ahead to import. Then it says it’s missing like 30 things, I’m like whodathunkit and click to cancel the whole thing. It must have misheard me because it just installed everything with the missing files, which made it there yet totally inoperable.

Then it stated asking me to auto-update and I’m like, for sure maybe that’s gonna fix my troubles so I click on it. Then I click on it 30 more times. Then I close and re-open, go to help, auto update, yes plz. Nothing and nothing again. The cancel button worked though. Then I went onto the forums and made a post titles “Unity is janky” and expressed basically what I just did here. Then I was like, “Yeah well the cancel and delete buttons work so I’m gonna go try out Unreal.” and they straight up deleted the thread. So then I was like, “If Unreal is anything different than this, I’d like to do stuff with that instead.”. So, is it like that here?

Reading this, was like a flashback:
But seriously…that sounds like a horrible experience, which is odd. I used Unity for quite some time, and it’s always been very straightforward to install, and incredibly easy to code for.

Unreal is getting very polished, but it still has some issues which will have you pulling your hair out.

What are some of the issues in Unreal? So I know what to avoid

Game development is hard…
Using a game engine software will never be “like using photoshop” (straightforward).