I didnt get the pack i ordered

hey guys, I ordered and already payed a material pack on the market place for 27 € today (3 hours ago). I already checked my account statements, and the money was transfered successfully, but i still can not download the material pack i bought. how long does that usually take until i can download them / see them on this page or in the UE4 editor?

it should be instant if you bought through the launcher/ epic website.

let them know at billing@unrealengine.com

they don’t really check the forums

I will never every buy something on the market place again. My money (27 €) was transfered yesterday, I can see that in my bank account statements and i still can not download the material pack that i ordered. Furthermore I have written 2 emails to billing @unrealengine.com and I didn’t receive any reply at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love to work with UE4 and I am extremely happy that i can create my own games with this engine for free. But when I’m ordering something, like a pack on the market place, I expect to get it after i payed for it :frowning:

I was always 100% satisfied with UE4 and everything, but the market place, including payment transactions doesn’t seem to work properly, even though its a good idea to give people the possibility to share their work.

Well this is a case of 10 / 100000 that this happens XD it normaly always works instantly.
But now you are in the deep cravas of: The epic supportline. Dont give up yet.

Yo, we’re looking into this and we’ll get you fixed up asap. Sorry about that!

Hi there,

I’m sorry to hear that this is occurring. Can you please PM me with the e-mail on the account you bought the item on, the name of the asset and any error messages that you got if they occurred. We’ll get this sorted out and make sure you get your item.