I deleted my project on accident! Please help!


So i purchased the stasis asset pack, and it told me that i needed to install substance. I downloaded substance and the pack was not applying materials correctly. In my projects i had my project, another one of my projects, and something about the stasis pack. I assumed it was a sample so i deleted it. The problem is, when i deleted this, it also deleted my MAIN PROJECT. I don’t know what to do. Please help :frowning:

edit: I just used Recuva to try and recover the files. It brought back all of the files but in no type of format. Here is a screenshot.

You may have to start a new project and reimport those uassets.

I recovered the file system, the main menu loads, but the level gives me this error when i try to load it.

note: i do have a copy of the game that i exported to try out. Is that something i can open in editor?

I suggest you post your crash logs on the Answerhub, a picture won’t do us any good.

SOLVED: I was able to fix this issue. I took one of the autosaves that UE had generated and replaced it with the corrupted map file. It seems to be working now. :slight_smile:

It’s good that you got it working!
That is one of the worst things to happen!

And thank you so much for posting, telling us how you did it. :cool: