I created a ref variable but it's not getting reference?

Hello, I made a HUD which fetches another HUD when a button is pressed and by HUD I mean a widget blueprint. I have an animation that I’d like to execute within the child HUD which the parent HUD has. So I created a variable inside the child HUD which references the parent hud (Object reference) and I did…

[ParentHudRef] (GET) -> In Animation Node for Play animation.

When I compile and run it returns “Access to none”.

In my mind, I imagine that these reference variables are the same as the import/include function in C-based languages and each widget is a controller file. Am I thinking about it the wrong way?

You have to assign the child reference at run time.

Thanks for your reply!

It turns out the reason it wasn’t working is that I wasn’t setting the target to the parent HUD in play animation (child). I had the animation pulled right but it was the lack of the target. >.<