i couldnt find my post in www.forums.unrealengine.com

I upload my project in [forums.unreal.released-projects]Released Projects - Unreal Engine Forums this page but I couldn’t find my post on the list !!


and you can check my post here :
my post

as you can see it says it posted in the released project section


This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a problem like this, though I was under the impression that this problem had been recently fixed. I’ll forward this on to the web team.

could I forward it too ? can you send link team to mee too ? and should re-post my topic again ?
and thanks for the replay .

Got the same issue; and without realizing I did post twice the same thing but it never appeared on the forum

In your case it is because you are a new user. All posts by new users go through a moderation queue and must be manually approved before becoming visible - this is how we filter out spammers, who are a persistent problem. Once you have a couple of approved posts, you’re assumed to be a real person and therefore no longer need to be moderated.

for the second time, I repost it and without any delay its appearance on the list.