I couldnt find a specific Anim Blueprint Node.

I have a data table structure set for animations and this table has one AimOffset2D in it, i want to be able to get this AimOffset and output it as Pose to the Additive Node, i couldnt find this nor the simple Play Sequence node through the searchbox (not even with disabled contextual menus), the strange thing is, if i get a Play Animation sequence from another part of the blueprint, it pastes there fine.

thanks in advance.

you make play nodes by dragging animation assets from the animbp’s content browser

thanks for the response but this would be a direct reference to that specific animation in the content browser, i would need a node to get that reference from the Sway item at the end of the table sheet there, this is a game that will have hundreds of animations, so the anim system needs to have this abstracted table sheet :/, i hope im not communicating too bad

to be more clear, i want exactly this node, but for AimOffset2D. (thats the one for standard anim sequence)