I could not follow the first tutorial using Unreal Engine 4.26

There is no "NewProject"Tab. So I went down a rabbit hole immediately trying to find it. I discovered I need to use 4.25. This should be noted somewhere. We are now forced to choose a type of project.

Hi @JayneJacobs007, we appreciate your feedback. To be sure we’re addressing the right content, are you referring to the course Your First Hour in Unreal Engine?

It would be great if in learning courses u put witch version they use because I cant find file or anything.

Hi @KaitPaschall , I’m not sure about @anonymous_user_14841f55 , but when I was doing the “Your First Hour with Unreal Engine” I had a few problems including the change in 4.26 where you are greeted by the different menu, but also the suggested Marketplace assets are no longer available. I would have to rewatch it to give you the specifics.

@RipperH311, we appreciate your feedback! Stay tuned for future development.

Thanks for your feedback @anonymous_user_38a0737a! Just wanted to let you know that we have updated this course.

Is there any chance that the team would be able to post the old ‘First Hour in Unreal’ Tutorial Series? As an instructor that used the old tutorial as a jumping off point for much of my teaching, the old tutorial was superior in many way to the new tutorial that has replaced it and it was quite easy to give my students the information they needed to troubleshoot the version issues & variations.

Hi ProfMoto,

Unfortunately we will not be posting the previous version of Your First Hour with Unreal Engine. Apologies for the inconvenience!