I click, but my pawn won't move

Instead of creating a new Top Down project, I’ve recently started a blank project to see if I can set up the controls from scratch for a Pawn. I’ve set up the WASD movement controls, which work fine. But I’m struggling with the mouse controls. I’ve looked at the blueprints of the Top Down template for the mouse controls and tried using some of that for my blank project. I can see where my mouse is moving using my pawn’s decal component but I can’t get my pawn to move where I click.
Can anyone look at my blueprint scripting and let me know what’s wrong?

Ok. So, I’ve just added a NavMesh Bounds Volume and now my pawn moves to the location.
The only issue I’ve got now is that my pawn suddenly teleports to the location instead of moving there at walking speed.
My pawn has a FloatingPawnMovement component, which seems to work fine with the WASD controls, so why does it spawn at the location instead of walking to the location?

I changed my pawn from a Pawn Class to a Character Class and now my pawn (Character Class) moves to the location instead of teleporting there!
I wonder why it doesn’t work with Pawn Class.