I can't walk into a specific area of my map

Hi all…
I don’t know but i can’t access this zone…it’s works for a while but now i can’t access this zone…there is an invisible wall that block me and the ai…and if i spawn there i fall from the map like that the floor doesn’t exist…how i can resolve and why i have this problem?

Maybe a collision box there? At the top of the viewport, select “Show” and show the collision in your level.
i don’t see any box ç_ç

Hm, then i have no idea. Just by looking at it, it looks fine for me.

(One additional node: I see that you are using the BSP tool for your walls etc. You will not want to do this. The BSP Boxes are only for testing out things
and are too avoid for final games. Use a 3D program that you like and create real staticmeshs!)

this my first project so i don’t know this…i will do in the next project…btw i can’t do this… i can’t draw xD i download all my resorce from 3d sites…gratis 3 d sites

Yeah, this is a problem for all of us coders. We are not good with 3D Assets x) But you will REALLY not use these BSP tools. Your game will start lagging as soon as you hit a certain
number of these things. They are not meant to use as real meshs.

There are some basic shaped meshs in the StarterContent if i’m not mistaken. You may want to use these for the time.

no there aren’t xD btw some tips for resolve my problem? i don’t want to lost my project for a bug…

I just looked into one of my StarterContent folders of one of my project and there certainly are shapes to use:

For your problem. I would make a backup of the Map file and start removing Brushs until i can walk into that area again.
Something must block it, so you need to find it. If you can’t see any collision, you will need to remove blocks one by one.

but it works until yesterday xD it’s strange that now doesn’t works for a bug or something…

Strange but true fact, there is something there that blocks you. Whether it worked a minute ago or not, it’s still there now. You need to find it and take care of it, or it will continue to haunt your map for the rest of its up-time. And trust me, you don’t want that stigma hanging over your nicely laid-out plans.

Get a sphere that you don’t have, put it high above the point you cannot enter, make it Movable and physics enabled. See where and how it lands. Start looking there.

-click on the build button and try it again
-enable “collision” in the show tab and check if you can see any hidden collisions
-copy everything in your level and paste it into a new one
-are those blue lines volumes? :slight_smile:

He already fixed it. Told me in a PM. Don’t have that PM anymore though.

Hmm, I have a level that currently has ~150 BSP brushes, would I be fine if I just converted many of these to meshes?

I’m not a LevelDesigner, but everything is better than keeping these BSP brushes. :smiley:

I guess most people block everything out with them and then export the Map into their beloved 3D program.
Then they model the parts and reimport the map.