I can't use this type (UTextRenderComponent) help

if you are asking about :

it seems that this tutorial written or last updated to UE 4.9 .
in UE 4.15 they do enhancements on the “include system”. this may be the reason why it didn’t compile for you. cuz now you need to include what you need to use.
also remember the “class” trick, you gonna use this alot … ^^
this called “forward declaration” or “incomplete type declaration”

wow…! I respect your konwledge. thank you.
I can solve my question.
I really appreciate.

and… How can i read the unreal4 latest version documents or tutorial ? it is not exist? only UE 4.9 version documents? i just study alone… so Could you introduce website?

@lileej acually its ok to learn from older tutorials cuz the core idea is the same. some syntax changes or depricated functions is not a big deal.
I am a beginner like you, so I can’t help you much on how to learn UE4 cuz I still learning it ^^ .
try to search how to learn UE here:

this may help.
about myself, I learn by reading ue4 documentation, watch UE4 video tutorials, watch youtube tutorials, looking at others projects, especially those which can be downloaded with the launcher. and the most important is to start with very small projects.
don’t open UE4 documentation and start reading every topic one by one, instead start practicing with small projects, and learn what you need for that small project. step by step.

ok thank you for advise, I try small project, step by step and I will make great game!

why can not found UTextRenderComponent ← this type
help me plz
i can’t understand…
i can’t see another include header file from unrealdocumentwebsite …

in the .h file add the world “class” before UTextRenderComponent .

class UTextRenderComponent* CountdownText;

and in Countdown.cpp add :

#include "Components/TextRenderComponent.h"

wow thank you so much nanashi88!

nice comments zz

this is unrealdoc. website, i m very shock…

is it Previous version?