I cant use foliage on the imported FBX landscape.

I am trying to use foliage tool but its only + crosshair and not allowing me to plaint foliage on it

Please any solutions

Does the mesh have collision?

not anymore i removed it, and put it to collision complexity - Project default

It needs collision for the foliage tool to work. That’s how the tool knows where to put the foliage :slight_smile:

You probably need the ‘use complex as simple’ collision setting ( otherwise the collision will just be a huge box ).

I tried it with the collision as well but it doesnt show the paint brush just the crosshair. And i already have a blend type material on the landscape (dont know it that matters)

I’m sure you said it was a mesh. Is it a mesh, or are you using the landscape actor?

It is a static mesh that i made in maya and then imported into unreal as FBX

foliage is designed to be used with an unreal Landscape object
which is not a static mesh
you are trying to use a landscape tool on a static mesh
its not meant for that
try a procedural foliage volume instead

Ok, take a look at your scene in player collision view, to check the mesh has collision:

Your mesh should be this kind of turquoise color.

And do you have ‘static mesh’ selected ( see pic below )?

Foliage tool works on static mesh also

I think there still has to be a landscape gizmo in the scene for it to work on the statics.
the foliage is tied to the landscape gizmo

No it’s not :smiley:

I use it all the time with any sort of landscape…

Then I stand corrected

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