I can't teleport a creative device to a location

So I am creating a team manager that controls the general flow of the a race. And I have set an array of checkpoints, I want to keep the player respawn on the last checkpoint that he passed and so I want to teleport the player checkpoint in the completed checkpoint. But even when i saw that the creative_prop has a MoveTo and a TeleportTo, i can’t use them, as is show an error “Unknown member TeleportTo in player_checkpoint_device”.


using { /Fortnite.com/Devices }
using { /Verse.org/Simulation }
using { /UnrealEngine.com/Temporary/Diagnostics }
using { /Verse.org/Verse }
using { /Fortnite.com/Game }
using { /Fortnite.com/Characters }

team1_manager := class(creative_device):

    RaceCheckpoints : []race_checkpoint_device = array{}

    var PlayerSpawners : []player_spawner_device = array{}

    var Team1Player1Respawn : player_checkpoint_device = player_checkpoint_device{}

    var TeamScore : score_manager_device = score_manager_device{}

    var Player1Checkpoint : int = 0

    # Runs when the device is started in a running game
        Print("Team1 Manager Started")


    ClearedCheckpoint<private> (Agent : agent):void=
        Print("Cleared Checkpoint")
        set Player1Checkpoint += 1
            Transform := RaceCheckpoints[Player1Checkpoint].GetTransform()
            #Error here, I can't seem to teleport the creative device
            Team1Player1Respawn.TeleportTo[Transform.Translation, Transform.Rotation]

            # This is where the if conditions are put
            Player1Checkpoint = RaceCheckpoints.Length

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Right now only creative_prop has support for MoveTo and TeleportTo, the Team1Player1Respawnin your example is not a prop but instead a device and does therefor not allow moving or teleporting atm.

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Ive been moving things with sequencer, using verse to control playback.

I have a similar problem, I wanted to spawn and respawn my collectible_object_device (Coins) at random points on the map. Does anyone know if it is already possible to use TeleportTo or if there is another way to do this?

The way I’ve been doing this is to parent my custom creative device to a root prop which I then add as an editor property to the device and call TeleportTo on that reference.

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Update - In the latest UEFN we have TeleportTo and MoveTo on the creative_device :metal:

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