I can't tame my pufferfish

I finaly managed to get my pufferfish in to the game with the textures and all only to find I can only tame it in the dev kit.

Tame in ADK and in online have always worked for me… are you sure its the right fish? A little more information may be needed. Usually when people say “it works in dev kit but not ingame” its because they haven’t destroywilddinos and their npc isn’t actually in the game but you do say that it has the custom textures so I can only assume that you did it correctly. What do you tame it with? A default generic item or something special?
You tested the tame underwater in the ADK? Is it a passive tame? If not what happens when you knock it out?

its a passive tame and it works perfectly in ADK but in the main game the hit box is mucked up and I can spawn it but not find where the tame box is if there is one. I was onderign if there was any files I was ment to edit or something.