I can't sprint and jump moving FORWARD - but I can sprint and reverse, as well as straight left and right...

Hi all,

Pretty self explanatory in the title. I followed a basic sprint tutorial but I can’t sprint and jump moving forward, which is really want I want.

I CAN sprint backwards and jump. I CAN strafe left and jump, I CAN strafe right and jump.

I can NOT go forward and sprint and jump!

Anyone else have this issue and have a solution for me?


One element that read about were some keyboards not allowing 3 key inputs. I am running with “W”, I am sprinting with “shift”, and I am trying to add the third key of jump with the spacebar.

The issue is I CAN use “S” and “shift” to sprint backwards and jump.

I can also use “a” and “d” to strafe left and right with “shift” to sprint and jump. It just won’t work when I go forward.

I have setup print strings to print to the screen when I am:

  • Sprinting
  • Not Sprinting
  • Jumping

… and I just can’t get the jump mechanic (or the “jumping” print string) to happen when I am going forward and sprinting!

Is there something that when going in the “w” direction (forward) that is blocking the jump input when “shift” is used to sprint?

If it makes any difference if I am walking forward, I jump, and then in MID AIR I hit and hold “shift” I do get the sprint effect ONLY WHEN I LAND, but the print string does show up on the screen when I hold down shift, and the height of the jump.

It is getting a bit comical as I am so close to getting the functionality…

tried unchecking ‘consume input’?

Also if you go to input do two separate action inputs for key ‘W’ but one with SHIFT selected and use that node instead for sprint :+1:

and add a screenshot of your Input section and bp setup if this doesn’t help

Thank you for your note. Ended up being the KEYBOARD! Expensive computer too… (thanks Dell).

I snagged a beat Apple USB keyboard from the black and white days and it works perfectly. So not an Unreal issue, and frankly not even a Windows issue, but a crappy Dell keyboard issue.

Happy Tuesday,

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