I can't set Float to 0 with a +0.2 Timer

I’m trying to make a float that takes 5 seconds to get to a value of 1. For some reason, I am unable to reset this however leaving me with a value of 1 as soon as the initial 5 seconds are up.

dont u just have to set the variable to 0 at some point?

maybe just Call timer by Custom event instead of your Version of a timer.

The “Input Action Thrust” is supposed to do that when activated “F key”, it just doesn’t for some reason. I’ve also tried adding “Set” to various other things, nothing sets it back to 0.

unless you have a branch somewhere to the right on your screenshot, with a ‘Set Actor Tick Enabled’ set to false, your ‘Forward thrust Recharge’ will be set to 1 every frame. So at one point the flaot actually is 0, but not when you look it up :wink:

You should set your timer count to 0, not Forward thrust recharge.
It might be even more efficient to stick a branch directly on the event tick with a condition asking if time count >= 1 and set timer count to 1 if it’s true. This way it won’t calculate and set the other varialbes after that.