I can't seem to find my blueprint class to use in spawnactor function?

I’ve been working on an inventory system for my game for quite some time now. I finally got to the final step, which is to spawn my player’s inventory when starting the game, that way I can pick up items to use. However, when I try to find the class for my inventory blueprint in the SpawnActor function, my blueprint doesn’t appear in the list of selectable blueprints, despite being an actor component. Is there something I’m missing? Included are a few screenshots to show the items in question.


Your inventory is an actor component (judging by the icon) so it’s not a fully fledged actor. This is not necessarily bad.
Add it as a component from the dropdown in the character blueprint. No need to spawn it.

Me looking at the tutorial will not help you much.

You need to debug it. Start by putting Print String nodes where you think information may not be flowing.

What is BaseItem? How’s the collision set up, who is colliding, how are you detecting it, is it working - that kind of thing.

Alright, thanks. I’ll try that.

Alright, I added it as a component to my character, but it seems that in game, when walking over the BaseItem that I’m using to test the system, nothing happens. Looking over my blueprints, it looks like I did everything perfectly, but there has to be something missing. Here’s the link to the tutorial I followed:

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