I can't see Widget Blueprint in Unreal 4 version 4.9

In simple terms I can’t see the User Interface section in Create Advanced Asset that can allow you to create Widget Blueprints. And neither can I see the miscellaneous section that I have noticed other people have. I need to be able to use the widget blueprints because I am trying to create a start menu for my game but am just annoyed it isn’t showing up. I was wondering if there may be any reason for this and if anyone knows how to solve this problem.

Hi swashbuckle,

What you are seeing is by design. If you look to the right of the context menu you will see the scroll bar. You can either click-drag that scroll bar or middle-mouse wheel down to see the other options.



Yes I actually figured that out yesterday. Lol I feel stupid for not even noticing that. Turns out I do have it. I think I tend to miss little details sometimes. But thanks for posting an answer : )

That help me too