I can't see output pin in the function

I’m following a tutorial by Tracey White (12 - UE4 Level Select Menu (and my Main Menu) - YouTube) about level selection menu. I have to create a function inside a UMG Main Menu and this function has 1 output. And I have to link this output with another widget. Though when I call this function I can’t see any output. Also the whole thing doesn’t work. I suspect it’s because of this. Does anyone know why I can’t see this output?

If you drag out another copy of the function in, is it the same?

Yes:( it’s the same.

Delete and remake function?

Your “cast to Widget” node failed. Put a “Print string” node to “Cast Failed” exec and you will see that it failed

It will fail because he is not able to get his output from his function, to plug in to the casting node.

When I create it from scratch, I see an output but immediately disappears after a few minutes of work.

And before it disappears, if I try to compile, I get this error

show function please

This is the whole function (the one that I can’t see it’s output)


You have not connected your nodes. After level name.

You text - red is not plugged in

Amazing…AMAZING thank you very much! Yes that is the problem. It worked. May you have the best nargile all your life! :slight_smile:

you can use Macro , u can easily add input or output node as u like