I can't save my menu settings

I get this error message in the screenshot below and im told its an engine bug error. Has anyone else had this issue

It can happen easily, by accident. That’s the only time I’ve seen that message…

@ClockworkOcean A friend mentioned this and from what i remember i only saw 1 copy open in task manager. I’m not home right now or id test this. But i never run 2 editors at the same time

Do you have more than one copy of the editor open?

I checked Task Manager and just liek you said, another editor was open…solved! haha

I did until i removed it/ ended its task in Task Manager and to test this i reopened the editor to see if 2 copies would open and only 1 did :slight_smile: This explains alot bcuz my PC is strangely slow when i would have editor open while working in my web browser