I can't save editor preferences. Please help

I am trying change option to On (Invert Middle Mouse Pan) in editor preferences again and again. But when I create new project this option always off.
I also clicked Set as Default button, and UE print out this message “The default configuration file for these settings is not currently writable. Would you like to make it writable?” I click Yes, next message out “The default configuration file for these settings was updated successfully. If checked into source control this would affect other developers.”
When I start new project option again Off
How can I set options in Editor preferences for all new projects?

This problem has PLAGUED me as well. Drives me nuts. I never have found any answers. I can’t believe this is not an issue with every EU4 user. And why is the Import Settings button always grey? And why isn’t there a ONE BUTTON TO SAVE THEM ALL in settings since they have broken it down to many separate config files?