I cant put actor in an array in a specific level

i made a blueprint who hide actors in an array and unhide them when the player trigger it. it work perfectly fine in my testroom but for some strange reason, this blueprint refuse to put any actor in his array of actor in other level. what is triggering this ? the blueprint and the selected actor are on the same level layer so i dont know what could cause the issue


(the interrogation point is the actor to trigger and the three rocks aside are the actors i want to hide by putting it in the interrogation actor array)

(update but worse) : that seem to affect every actor with an array of actor.i checked and the issue is only in a specific level.

Please can you show us the blueprint? It’s difficult to help someone debug their code when we can’t see it.

Are you using streaming? You need to have that code in the right level BP.

the code is not in the level blueprint. the array is in an actor. and it work perfectly fine in a level but not another. the variable are actor objects reference so i should be able to put other actors in it but unreal dont let me in this level

And you’re putting a copy of this actor in the level?

Seeing the code might help…